Finally Finally Done

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Today marks my first day as a graduate. I still wake up in the morning to get ready to go to work, the only difference now is my schedule is a little less full. I began a new position recently and I have aspirations of becoming a part of the IT group. I think that I have a lot to offer, but as they say there are always more fish in the sea. Unfortunately many people utilized the college system to avoid drowning in the economic downturn in 2010 – 2012. So now it seems that many unqualified people with plenty of book knowledge are being surpassed by the entrepreneur spirit of those who chose to continue in the workforce rather than expanding their education. I just wait patiently doing a job that I like, hoping someday that I will be in a job that I absolutely love. I wake every morning and I remember that it took some time to get here, but it has been well worth the wait. I just hope the upcoming wait is not as long.


My Life After College

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Though I am technically not finished with school ( I am currently finishing my Managerial Finance class) I still feel like I am finished. I was excited nearly four weeks ago when I found out that I would be working for Capital Card Services, Inc. I have only really ever been in technical support and Customer service in a Help Desk environment. How much different could they really be. It is nice to know that there is a position available to someone with my experience that is so closely related to the degree that I chose to take on during college. I am super excited to begin learning the techniques that I need in order to ensure that I am maximizing my potential in this new environment. The opportunity for obtaining a better position may well be somewhere farther down the road than I previously assumed. I am happy however that I can be satisfied in my new position and that the situation at home will begin to normalize sooner than I had thought they would when I was finished with school.

Daniel Mann
Customer Service Representative I  

WordPress widgets and plugins are must haves for a blog!

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In this blog entry I will take a look at two different types of utilities that can be added to word press in order to add usability or relevance for the reader or the site. These utilities are called plugins and widgets. There are differences between the two, while a widget is more something tangible that differentiates itself from the page allowing the user to recognize it as a widget… a plugin is something that is integrated into the blog-page and can be a task that is done completely without the knowledge of the user.

I have chosen two specific plugins that stand out as useful to me.

First, I came across the “Say Hello” plugin. I was first drawn to this plugin by the fact that it seemed like something that I would like to see when I go to a webpage. The plugin presents the blog reader with a greeting of hello in various languages. I have lived in various parts of the world and have always been interested in languages and thought that it would be a unique way to become an inviting blog that actually interacts with a global community in a visual way.

Second, I found the “Mobile Kit” plugin which is used to create themes and applications for use with mobile devices. As more and more people use mobile devices as their primary portal to the internet it is wise for a blogger to find ways to present their blogs in a variety of ways that are easily accessible to multiple device platforms. I look forward to creating streamlined themes that allow the user to experience the interface rather that become frustrated waiting for the page to load.

In addition I have chosen two widgits that stand out as useful to me.

First, I found the “Google Talk” widget which allows a blogger to include a google chatback badge within the blog. The advantage of a widget like this is to get personalized feedback and allow for live responses to readers who would like to chat live about the topic of the blog. It is a nice tool for the blogger to ensure relevance of material and can be used as a guage as to the usefulness of the material to the reader.

Second, I came across the “How green are you?” widget. The purpose of this widget is to tell you how many pounds of paper writing a blog is saving the earth. I enjoy the possibility of knowing how “green” I am being as a result of making technology be a help to the environment rather than a drain. I also believe that some of the readers may find the facts that are shown with this widget interesting, and anything that peaks a readers interest is definitely a bonus for a blogger.

A tutorial on installing Xampp and a local WordPress account

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WordPress Installation Instructions


1. Download WordPress from

2. Unzip WordPress to C:\xampp\htdocs

3. Point your web browser to http://localhost/xampp/index.php

Open Tools > phpMyAdmin

Create a database called wordpress

Choose the MySQL connection collation: utf8_unicode_ci when you create the database

4. Go into your WordPress folder

Find  wp-config-sample.php

Open wp-config-sample.php in Notepad++

5. In your web browser, go to http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php

Set a password for your MySQL access

6. Start XAMPP by running C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe

In the XAMPP control panel, start Apache and MySQL

7. In Notepad++, edit the following section of wp-config-sample.php (lines 18 – 28) as follows:

(Each entry resides within its own heading.)

Define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress‘); // The name of the database

Define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root‘); // Your MySQL username

Define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘[the password you chose]’); // …and password

Define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost‘); // 99% chance you won’t need to change this value

8. Save the edited file to the wordpress folder as wp-config.php

9. Go to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php

Fill out the form that appears in your web browser

In doing so, you will create:

1. A title

2. A username

3. And password for your new wordpress blog

10. click “Install WordPress” at the bottom of the form

This locally created account will be for testing purposes, it will allow you to make changes within wordpress without having to worry about your changes affecting your current online blog at wordpress. This local acount is a separate account that is completely autonomous from the previous account that you had initially created… In this case the one you are reading at this time, I look forward to creating changes that allow a rich and varied environment for my rss audience.

What do other Bloggers do?

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This blog was a hybrid between a video blog and a written blog. There were several videos where the main theme seemed to be “video blogging week 2010”. I did not find out from the videos or writing what exactly “video blogging week” was, according to Google the site is

The majority of the recent content focused on Ryanne’s new home and the work that needed to be done in the new place to include various features. I would say that the writer of the blog was definitely younger, due to the nature of the videos and the writing style. I think that the small quotes that accompany the videos allow a glimpse into what the author had in mind when making the video, also that the quotes show the personality of the author as being relatively open about the fact that the blog is a work in progress.

Steve Guttenberg puts together a blog with the addition of links and photos to enhance the topic of choice in his blog. He focuses the conversations in the blog on high end audio equipment and the differences in the market. His blog tends to be very opinionated, which probably has more to do with the fact that an audiophile is someone who is very picky about their audio systems.

The latest inclusions in his blog include amplifiers and Steve goes into more opinionated detail about how the best amplifier allows an audiophile to generate the best sound. The general layout of Steve’s blog is to introduce the item that he is focused on make some comment on how something is lacking in either the current version or how the new version is comparable or superior to the current version. While the posts are fairly detailed and informative they seem to make an assumption that the reader will be fairly familiar with the subject or in other words an audiophile.

Justin created a blog to help creating a workflow using the Avid software. He does go through the same motions as most other blogger, however I think that since he has a background in programming he tends to want a little more control over his content. He lets the audience know that he is interested in hosting his blog through his own website for the benefit of bringing more of the acclaim to himself rather than seeming like the other run-of-the-mill bloggers.

Justin’s blog tends to be more technical than most of the other blogs that I had read recently. He was assigned to do a project and there didn’t seem to be any documentation, or really any expertise on how to best complete his project, so Justin decided that the best way to get the word out on this particular issue would be to create a blog that walks the reader through the workflow process.

Hello MCOM352 From Daniel Mann!

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1. Have you heard of blogs before?

I have heard of “blogs”off and on for as long as I have known of the internet.

2. If you have heard of blogs before, how did you first discover them?

I have had friends and family who either created their own blogs or have subscribed or followed at least one blog author.

3. What is your definition of a blog?

I believe that a blog is a nickname for a “web-log”, It is comparable to a journal or diary with an audience and the ability to have content ready for viewing as soon after creation as possible.

4. Do you read blogs?

I usually do not go looking for different blogs to subscribe to.

5. If you do read blogs, what are some blogs you read?

I have not written or read any blogs previous to this one. I hope to read the class’ blogs as they are written.

6. How do you find blogs are usually written? What kind of content appears on them? What, in your eyes, makes a blog a “good” or “successful” blog?

Since this assignment brought to light the fact that I had not looked very thoroughly for blogs or even held an interest for them, I began to look around to see what would catch my interest. I found that I was usually drawn to blogs that interpret the daily news such as While this is a formal news company the format of the blog feels like a personal message to me. I think I like the personalization an unedited quality of a blog that invites an audience in with informality.

7. What do the people who write blogs use them for?

A platform to speak the stories that they either feel need a different perspective, or that they feel need a perspective to be created. blogs range from inane writing to structured and specific stories composed to carefully present information to a specific audience.

8. Do you have another blog, besides the one you have created for this course? If so, how do you use it?

I have not created a blog before this one, however I do use facebook as a small personal memo service to let others know how my life is going.

9. Do you think Twitter and Facebook have replaced blogs, or do blogs still have their place in the discourses of cyberspace.

I believe that there are various levels of interaction that people are willing to become involved in, the technology of software like facebook is great for short sweet headline type of updates to information, however the sites out there that support the more detailed and in-depth style of discussion like a blog will have their own fans and advocates. I don’t believe that blogs will be completely replaced by facebook.